For the serious connoisseur the proper preparation of his drink is an important part of the "Absinthe experience". Not only does this old and venerable ritual hold great aestethical appeal, it is also necessary to bring out the aromas and "louche" (cloudiness) of the drink at their fullest.

The importance of preparing the green fairy with care and dedication is probably best displayed in this excerpt from the poem "5 o'clock Absinthe" by french Poet Raoul Ponchon

"...You have your absinthe, it’s all about preparation
This is not, believe me,
As the cynics think, a small matter
Banal and without emotion

The heart should not be elsewhere
For the moment at least.
Absinthe wants first, beautiful ice water
The gods are my witness!

Tepid water, none of that: Jupiter condemns it.
Yourself, what say you?
Might as well, my faith, drink donkey piss
Or enema broth

And don’t come on like a German,
And scare her,
With your carafe; she would think, poor dear!
That you want to drown her.

Always rouse her from the first drop …
Like so ... and so ... very gently
Then behold her quiver, all vibrant
With an innocent smile;

Water must be for her like dew,
You must be certain about that:
Awaken the juices of which she is made
Only little by little..."

An old advertisement showing an Absintheur sitting in a café celebrating the "Absinthe ritual"

Women were equally fascinated by Absinthes preparation ritual as we can see in this advertisement poster

- Absinthe ritual with fontaine -

- Famous Absinthe cocktail "Vienna Milk"