Grande Wormwood

The leaves and flowers of grande wormwood do not only give the Absinthe it's name, they also imbue it with it's unique taste which distinguishes it from other anise based drinks.

In accordance with old austrian recipes, Absinthe Montmartre also features a big portion of this fine herb which lends to the drink it's nice wormwood taste and a pleasant perfume like scent.


Green Anise

Next to the wormwood, the fruits of the green anise are one of the most important ingredients of our Absinthe. They complement the taste of wormwood and ensure the mild and balanced character of the drink without turning it into "Ouzo" or "Pastis".

Fennel of Florence

Of course a good recipe can barely do without fennel. Traditionally, for the making of Absinthe, the high quality florence fennel was used.

So naturally we couldn't allow anything less than genuine quality florence fennel into our product.




The tiny brown fruits of coriander are a special treat and lend to every absinthe they are added to a hint of exotic spiciness.


The seeds of angelica are especially aromatic. One has to use them very carefully. Correctly applied they have a most wonderful effect on the taste and scent of any drink.



Licorice Root

Carefully dosed the main purpose of licorice root lies in enhancing an Absinthes drinkabillity and smoothness without being too aparent on the palate.


Rarely used in french recipes cinammon seems to have been much more popular in austria. It imbues Absinthe Montmartre with a warm and pleasant spiciness and contributes to the individuality of it's unique taste.



Orange peel

Some historic absinthe recipes called for the addition of tiny amounts of orange and/or citrus peel. Correctly used they enhance the taste without ever letting anyone know that they are there.

Citrus peel

As was allready stated above. Citrus peel gives to the absinthe a "certain something" without being obvious on the palate.



Petite Wormwood

Since day and age Absinthe used to be colored and refined by the addition of pontic wormwood.

It lends to the drink a slight aromatic bitterness and contributes to the typical scent of Absinthe.


With it's slightly sweet scent that somehow reminds one of marjoram and a hint of bitterness, hyssop naturally mustn't be left out of any decent Absinthe.

Needless to say that this fine herb can also be found in Absinthe Montmartre.




Melissa features a mild somehow citrus like scent and taste. Used in decent amounts it almost has more impact on the color of the product than on it's taste and lends to it a fresh and vibrant green.


Mint is a very intense herb. Incorrect use of mint can easily spoil even the best of products. But used with care it brings to the drink a slight hint of minty freshness.