Nowadays it has unfortunately become common practice to manufacture Absinthe from cheap oils and essences mixed together in automated factories. While this method tends to be quick and easy it also reduces the quality and taste of the resulting product noticeably.

Contrary to this modern fashion Absinthe Montmartre is still being crafted by hand, from real fragrant herbs, in a long and demanding process of traditional craftsmanship.

This ancient process starts with a mixture of certain herbs (like wormwood and green anise) being soaked for some time in neutral quality spirit.


This mixture of alcohol and herbs (called "macerate" by the professional distiller) is then diluted with a certain amount of water and carefully distilled on almost 100 year old copper alambiques.

The so called "heads" are discarded. But the "tails" are being collected in accordance with old distillers tradition to be added to the next run. (the purpose of this being to enhance the aroma of the distillate and "recycle" some of the alcohol)

The main run also calld the "heart" is crystal clear and very aromatic. It represents the actual quality product and is collected in a separate tank for further processing.

The clear distillate, now allready smelling very nice, is then subjected to another short maceration of specially selected herbs (like petite wormwood and hyssop). This lends to the product a natural green color and further reinforces it's taste turning it into a true "Absinthe Verte".

Once this is done the herbs are filtered out again and the Absinthe, now nicely colored and smelling wonderfully, is dilluted with just the necessary amount of water to bring it down to a traditional strength of 65% (130 proof) at which it can finally be bottled.

No artificial coloring, no oily essences, no addition of sugar or inferior star anise.

Absinthe Montmartre - meet the green fairy in her original purity!