Absinthe Montmartre is being distilled in the well known viennese distillery Fischer. This old-viennese company was founded in the year of 1875 and still holds a reputation as specialist for distillates and liqueurs who's quality stems from ancient recipes.

It is also the only still existing austrian distillery with a true tradition in Absinthe making.

Even today their historic recipe books are still being kept secure in an old safe. These books give living proof of the fact that the art of absinthe distillation is nothing new to the house of Fischer. In fact the creation of fine viennese Absinthe dates back well into the time of the Belle Epoque.


Yesterdays equipment for todays products.

The stills currently in use by the distillery have been employed since the year of 1914 and guarantee the finest quality. They are so durable that they even survived the collapse of the building in 1945 with barely more than a few scratches.

In the early days of the distillery it was still common practice to move products and raw materials across the city by the use of horse carts.



Even after all these years the old-viennese family company hasn't lost a bit of it's glory and glamour.

Rather to the contrary. Everyone who knows the old building will agree that it still must be considered a pearl of the 12th district and that it transports it's visitor back into times long gone.

Even when entering the "Comptoire" with it's wooden panels from the former Hotel Krantz-Ambassador and the office furniture from the turn of the century (including an old cash register which is still in use today) one feels transported back to the good old time of the austrian monarchy immediately.

Additionaly a photo taken in 1920 as well as copys of old invoices and the many decorations and medals prove the authenticity of this ancient office.



But what is most important are still the people behind the company.

The distillery and museum have been run by members of the family Fischer since the very beginning (that is 5 generations allready!) and they still are. It is probably this mixture of unbroken tradition and family honor which guarantees the high quality and the old-viennese charm of their products.

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