The foundation for the birth of the finest old-viennese premium Absinthe had been lain in march of the year 2004 allready.

It was then that the first meeting of two viennese gentleman took place... a meeting which would have important consequences.

"Two men, one vision" a term that probably can't get any more cliche or dramatic. And yet... it summarizes the spirit of that meeting perfectly.

And so it came to be that these gentleman, united by their interest in the opaline nectar and their sense of tradition, went to work with the goal of restoring la Fée Verte to her old glory in austria...

But the story doesn't end there... these passionate Gentleman Distillers are still committed to deliver the best possible quality to Absintheurs worldwide. So up to this day they are still working hard to improve and refine their Absinthe all the while taking the wishes and suggestions of their customers into account as often as possible.


The creators of Absinthe Montmartre in front of the small copper alambique which was used to develop the protoype

Roman F. Gundacker, aka "Tuivel"

Gerald Fischer

Experienced Absintheur, former chemical lab technician, hobby distiller and antiques collector as well as webmaster of "Tuivels Absinthe Haus".

Mainly responsible for the development of the recipe, the choice of herbs used, and the correct application of historic production techniques Mr. Gundacker brought an important part of the required "Absinthe Know How" to the project. He is also the one who invented the Cocktail known as "Vienna Milk".

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Experienced distiller, gourmet and professional businessman. Together with his father he leads the old viennese distillery Fischer and the Vienna Schnapsmuseum.

Mr. Fischer provided the necessary capital as well as the equipment. His years of experience guaranteed a smooth and succesful completion of the project.

Also he put much time and effort into procuring the finest raw materials for the product, had a hand in the perfection of the recipe and generally had influence on many important aspects of the project.

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